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Asphalt Seal Coating in Baltimore, Washington D.C and Rockville

If you can’t help but shake your head in shame every time you look at your driveway or parking lot, it might be time for you to do something about. Professional Parking Lot Striping offers high-quality seal coating in the Rockville area and we are ready to help you with your next residential or commercial project. Let us replace your headshake of shame with a smile of pride.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coating

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, there are a number of reasons to call Professional Parking Lot Striping for seal coating, including:

  • Lengthening the life of your asphalt
  • Protecting your asphalt from the weather, oil, antifreeze and the like
  • Having a parking lot that is more aesthetically pleasing to customers

Seal coating is a great investment for any residential or commercial lot. It’s relatively inexpensive to maintain (compared to replacing the asphalt) and It can help your asphalt last up to 3 times longer!

High-Quality Work

We know that a seal coat does not do you very much good if the job is done with below average materials. The truth is that all asphalt sealants are not created equally. With us, you’ll never have to worry about us using anything but the highest rated products on the market. We take great pride in our work and want to make sure you are satisfied for years to come.

Not only do we use quality materials to take care of your seal coating job, we also make sure that we use the proper preparation procedures before we get started. Proper preparation makes sure that your asphalt in Rockville looks as fantastic as possible, is well-protected, and that the seal lasts for as long as possible.

High-Quality People

Here at Professional Parking Lot Striping, several of our employees have successfully obtained certification from the Asphalt Institute. Our business is also a proud member of the MHIC (Maryland Home Improvement Commission). You can rest assured you’ll get years of experience as well as friendly customer service.

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When you’re ready to see what nearly 20 years of experience can do for you and your asphalt, give Professional Parking Lot Striping at call at 410-549-2161!

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions about our paving services, please give us a call or send us an email. We can’t wait to hear from you!