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Asphalt Seal Coating in Baltimore, Washington D.C and Rockville

Asphalt Repair in Baltimore, Washington D.C and Rockville

At some point in time, your asphalt surface will run into issues that can’t be easily fixed by surface sealings or coatings. Potholes and severe cracks in your asphalt surface can be ugly to look at and a liability to yourself and to your customers. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with asphalt that is cracked, riddled with potholes or in a general state of unsightly disarray. Professional Parking Lot Striping is here to offer high-quality asphalt repair in Washington D.C..

Dangers of Potholes

If you own a business, then it’s very important that you get rid of any nasty potholes littering your property. The reason for this is that potholes or cracks found in your parking lot can become a serious liability. Potholes can damage vehicles and even cause customers to get injured. Let us help you save you the frustration and cost of becoming involved in a legal case. The truth is, you might not be aware of how serious your asphalt problem is until you’re hit with a hefty lawsuit.

Even if your damaged asphalt does not result in harm to anyone, there is still the very real possibility that the damage could become even worse if you don’t take care of it. Not only that, people can associate your business with poor quality if the parking lot is unsightly and unkempt.

Asphalt Solutions

Professional Parking Lot Striping is a family-owned business backed by a solid 17 years of experience with asphalt repair. We’ve worked with all kinds of asphalt, from gaping potholes to excessive cracks. Depending on the state of your asphalt, we can offer solutions in the form of cold patching, hot asphalt cut-out repairs, or even hot overlays.

In addition to asphalt repair, we also offer a number of related services, including:

  • Seal coating
  • Crack filling
  • Patching
  • Asphalt maintenance
  • Custom signs

Professional Treatment

What sets Professional Parking Lot Striping apart from other asphalt businesses out there is that we only use the best materials and we have experienced employees who have obtained industry certification. We are also willing to work around your schedule rather than have you work around ours.

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