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Asphalt Repair in Baltimore

There is nothing worse than a commercial parking lot filled with cracks and potholes. When you enter a parking lot you simply can’t avoid them.

They say your businesses’ façade is going to be customers’ first impression of you, but a large pothole or crack in the asphalt could leave a bad impression on someone before they even get out of their car. If your parking lot is well-maintained, it gives the impression that your business is dependable and reliable. What do you think a parking lot in disrepair says about you?

When you want to repair your parking lot or driveway, why not call the professionals at Professional Parking Lot Striping Inc.? We have been handling people’s pavements for years. People keep calling us back because they know that we’re the best when it comes to fixing pavement.

Don’t Sleep on Your Asphalt Repairs!

Potholes are one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. Swerving unexpectedly to avoid a pothole may cause you to hit a parked car or crash into oncoming traffic. Now, that’s the worst-case scenario. Other than that, there is the fact that potholes can cause damage to vehicles themselves, much like a big bump in the road can.

Lastly, an unchecked pothole will only grow larger. When you ignore a pothole, water will continue to seep into the hole. This water will continually weaken the asphalt, leading to an even larger hole. Eventually, the pothole will be unavoidable and repairing it will only cost more money than if you had repaired it sooner.

Signs You Need to Call Professional Parking Lot Striping Inc. for Asphalt Repairs

There are many ways to spot your pavement problems before they become large potholes. If you notice any of these problems, do not hesitate to contact Professional Parking Lot Striping Inc. right away. Once we get your call, we will be on site immediately to help stop the damage dead in its tracks.

  1. Buckling and Warping Asphalt: Does your asphalt look uneven, or wavy? Warped pavement is the result of heavy vehicle use or a compromised base.
  2. Lingering Moisture/Puddles: You might have a drainage problem. Puddles can seep between the layers of asphalt and undo the binding process.
  3. Growing Cracks in Pavement: Not every crack requires immediate repair, but if you happen to notice that a certain crack is starting to widen, do not hesitate to call us.

Summer Versus Winter Pothole Repairs

If you ask any professional asphalt repair company they’ll tell you that summer is the ideal time for asphalt repairs.

The hotter weather is desirable because it makes the work of paving or repairing asphalt easier. There are more hours of daylight, which means longer working hours, and none of the freezing temperatures of a Baltimore winter. In the summer, you can rest easy knowing there is enough time to lay the asphalt with precision, guaranteeing a consistent smoothly paved surface.

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