Asphalt Maintenance

Prevent Hazardous Potholes From Forming on Your Lot

Prevent Hazardous Potholes From Forming on Your Lot

Rely on our experts in Woodbine, MD for asphalt repair services

Over time, those small cracks in your asphalt can become dangerous potholes. Avoid further damage or potential injury by calling PPLS Service. We provide trustworthy asphalt repair services and asphalt seal coating services to residential and commercial clients in Woodbine, MD and the surrounding region.

You can have peace of mind knowing that we have the skill and in-depth trade knowledge required to correctly handle your repair, installation and seal coating projects.

For installations, we can apply asphalt to your terrain no matter the length or level of the area. You can also take advantage of our monthly or yearly maintenance at great prices. Get started by requesting your free quote - call 301-674-4797 today.

5 great reasons to arrange for seal coating services

Do you want to extend the life of your asphalt? Take advantage of our asphalt seal coating services. Applying seal coating to your asphalt...

  1. Slows down deterioration caused by oxidation
  2. Prevents water from penetrating the surface
  3. Improves traction and skid resistance
  4. Save you money and time on maintenance
  5. Protects your binder from oil and gasoline

Chat with us to learn more about our seal coating process. We'll be happy to seal coat your asphalt after providing our asphalt repair services or after a new installation.